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Vonda was rescued from a Korean dog meat farm, yes she was being raised to be eaten.

Her transformation has been nothing short of amazing thanks to her foster family that took a chance on her and changed her life.

Here is her story:

When Vonda first went to foster her family said she was scared of EVERYTHING. But she immediately took to their dog Cody and followed him everywhere he went. She had no experience with toys, treats, stairs or doorways. When Vonda wasn’t following Cody around she was hiding out in her crate. Slowly she started mouthing the toys and then chasing after the ball. She LOVED to play tug-a-war with him and beating him to the tennis ball. She slowly started emerging from her crate and timidly approaching for pets under her chin.Soon she was on the couch relaxing with her foster moms at night.

In April Vonda was officially adopted into a home with 2 other dogs and is doing simply amazing. She plays all day and goes on long walks. A beautiful ending!

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