Barbie came to us back in January as a sad cruelty case.

Severely matted and completely neglected we fought the good fight in court and won ownership of this beautiful girl.

BUT the best part of this story…her foster mama is going to adopt her and give her the life she always deserved!


Remember Bella? She was our cruelty pittie mama who was rescued by our humane law enforcement team from a life of neglect and breeding.

We placed Bella in a loving foster home to nurse her 2 week old pups and to gain much needed weight.

All her babies were adopted in April but today it was mamas turn.

Here’s to a beautiful life with a beautiful family who will love you forever!


Welcome Kingsley
This 10 year old border collie was found as a stray and came to us extremely neglected, arthritic and in a lot of pain. Either dumped or let go because of his age and his inability to be a working dog we welcomed him into our Loveafoster and MCSPCA family.  Kingsley will now sleep soundly in a warm and loving foster home with some kitty friends that he already loves!


Kingsley was adopted on May 12th to a wonderful lady who can’t wait to spoil him during his senior years


Gonzo was adopted on April 11th 2018 when his foster family thought they may lose him to another family. They said the cried the whole way home thinking that life without him would be not be the same.

Sweet Gonzo is a 2 year old terrier mix who was picked up our animal control officers in Asbury NJ. Scared, emaciated and covered in sores we nursed this boy back to health and taught him to trust humans again.

In February this special guy was placed in an amazing foster home who say nothing but great things about him!
“He’s an angel. What a love bug. He cuddles, doesn’t bark much and listens to everything we tell him. He’s so good and loves his foster dad Will.”


We love Sunday Funday phone calls that ask, if it’s ok with you can we adopt our foster??  Sophia was found as a stray and was a touch ornery at the shelter. Who can blame her?! We placed her in foster to see if she could adapt to living in a home and did she ever . Her foster family fell in love with her and made it official on April 16th 2018.
Proof that fostering saves lives!


Hi, my name is Simon.  It turns out that I’m a really happy, mellow dog.  I was pretty cranky at the shelter but it was just because I needed a little peace and quiet.  I really enjoy taking naps in the sun.  My foster mom says I snore but I don’t believe her.  I love treats and like to find them hidden around the house.  I also am learning what it is like to be petted and look forward to sitting on someone’s lap really soon.  I just need a little more time to get used to it.  Right now I am staying with a family that has an 8 year old boy.  He is funny and I will take treats from him, I really like when he talks to me in a kind voice.  I’m sure I will find my forever home soon, how can anybody resist a face like this.  Ha! It turns out I have a sense of humor too!

Simon was adopted by his foster family on February 22 2018. This senior boy has a forever spot on his foster families couch!



Dale was part of the 276 dogs confiscated from one home in Howell NJ on June 3rd 2016. The rehabilitation of some of the Howell dogs will be a long one, yet they make amazing progress despite the horrific conditions that they lived in.

Here’s what his foster mom says about him:

Dale loves exploring the house and now lays down in the living room if we are in there.   When I go out, he has the run of the house, he will greet me at the door with the rest of the dogs. He hasn’t had any accidents.

He sleeps through the night in his crate with the door opened. He loves being in the yard and follows my dogs around, chases squirrels and loves to run laps.  Dale shows progress every day!

Dale was adopted on January 18th by her foster mom who still calls him a work in progress but refuses to give up.


Hi, I am Dixie and I am a 2-year-old terrier mix who was surrendered to the shelter by my last family since I was not getting along with my canine brother.  I really just wanted to get all of the attention!!!  I lived with that family in Long Branch for about a year and half after they rescued me from what they called “a sad home” as they felt the first family was not taking good care of me.  So here I am again looking for what I hope will be my forever home-as the saying goes, the 3rd time is a charm!

I am a very social girl who loves people and will greet anyone who wants to be my friend.  I do sometimes jump up on people – I can’t help it as I just get so excited!  I love to play too, and tennis balls are my absolute favorite.  I really don’t know my own size as I am determined to be a lap dog and will try to fit on your lap if you will let me.  I love to go on walks and get out and enjoy the fresh air!!!  I have made so many wonderful friends here and I love when they take me for outings.  They tell everyone that I am very well behaved in the car and can walk with them for miles ?  I am so excited to find my forever home where I can be the only pet and get all of the attention!!!  Don’t you worry as I have lots of love to give back and I will fill your heart completely!

Here are some wonderful words from my foster family:

“Dixie has been an absolute joy to foster! She gets very excited when people come to the house and she does bark but once she is introduced to who entered she is nothing but smiles and kisses. She loves to cuddle literally anywhere, take long naps on the floor or couch, and loves to give kisses. She stays in her designated area and does not try to “escape” or chew/ destroy anything (other than her toys which she loves!). She listens to what you tell her she can and cannot do although she may need a reminder from time to time haha. She loves people however this means she does not like to be alone so she does bark if you go upstairs and leave her downstairs by herself (we have her sectioned to just our downstairs) she is very good on walks and overall has been an angel during her time as our foster pup!

Dixie was adopted by her amazing foster family on January 10,2018 they couldn’t imagine life without her!



Dinah is a 2 years old hound mix and was found a stray from Alabama. When Dinah was found, her sister Patches and her were together, but Patches was more of a social butterfly and she found her forever home right away.

Her foster mama says:
Hi I’m beautiful Dinah! I have some trust issues and high levels of anxiety that will take some time to overcome. Even though it is hard for me to make friends with new people, my foster dogbrother Gordon and I get along great since he’s a hound dog from Alabama just like me.

I’m still not used to the outdoors, but my foster parents are working to help me become more comfortable in that kind of situation. I have a lot of energy and like to run around, but big open spaces intimidate me unless I can find a place to hide. Despite all of that, I’m a certified snuggle bug. When it comes to sitting on a couch or keeping a blanket warm, I’m your girl. When no one’s looking, I can be mischievous, but I’m tall enough to reach the counter, and food wouldn’t be on the counter if it wasn’t for me, right?

Dinah was adopted by her foster family and canine brother on February 22 2018, they couldn’t imagine life without her!


Bridget & Her 6 Pups

Bridget and her 6 pups arrived today from a high kill shelter in North Carolina.
Mama is beautiful and so sweet.
Her pups are a bit sick and the smallest pup needs some extra help, one of our amazing vet techs took her home and is bottle feeding her every few hours.
Welcome to the MCSPCA & Loveafoster Bridget and babies.

Bridget’s puppies were all adopted and this beautiful mama found her forever home on February 23rd to a wonderful couple.



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