Penny Lane

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  • Penny Lane was part of the 276 dogs confiscated from one home in Howell NJ on June 3rd 2016.
Penny went to foster care and was adopted by her beautiful foster mom Beatriz several months later.
Penny was brought home to foster on 7/11/16.  She was very thin, scared, and cowered in the corner of her crate and would not allow me to touch her.

After weeks of working to gain her trust by hand feeding her and sitting by her side, I was able to swaddle her in a towel and hold her for short periods of time.

She bonded with my dog and eventually began going out in the yard with him.  It was months until I was finally able to touch and pet her.

Having anyone over to visit was traumatic for her.  She would cower in a corner and tremble when anyone visited.

Today, Penny is doing great! She almost doubled her weight received a clean bill of health from my Vet.  Not sure she  will ever be a “normal” dog, but she is happy and doing the best she can considering where she came from.  She is loved and most importantly knows she can now trust humans.

Fostering Penny has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and will continue to do.

Penny’s before photo

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