Willow and her Pups

Mother’s Day came early here at Loveafoster.

Early this morning we welcomed 2 new foster babies into our Loveafoster & MCSPCA family.

Willow had 2 healthy pups and her foster mom said she was a total pro and the perfect mom.

If not for our foster families Willow would have been left down south and forced to have her babies in the woods or on the side of the road.

Our facility is truly lifesaving and we adore our foster families.


Meet Calypso our new Loveafoster baby!
Calypso is under a year old and was surrendered to us recently when her medical issues of seizures and epilepsy were too much trouble for her owners to handle but that’s ok! She went to a beautiful foster home yesterday to work on her manners and her seizures will be monitored by a stay at home foster mama.
You are part of our family now Calypso.


Taz might be shy at first, but once he gets to know you he is a total snuggle bug. He enjoys walks on the beach and will take every opportunity to go for a dip in the water, too. Taz enjoys hikes in the park as well as good old-fashioned play in the yard. He is not picky about his toys either – squeaky toys, balls and tug of war toys are all acceptable, as are sticks from the yard!! Taz is a smart boy who knows “sit”, “paw”, and “speak” and will show off each of them if you give him a treat.

Taz has been lucky enough to be in a foster home with his favorite volunteer friends who have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. They have indicated he is housetrained, walks well on leash, and is a perfect gentlemen in the home. They also said he loves to cuddle and give kisses, and he smiles a lot. They said he is the “perfect houseguest”!!! We’ve just found out that Taz LOVES teenage girls – he follows them everywhere, adoringly!


Boston came to us as a stray and his owner could not be found. We noticed over time that Boston was favoring his right back leg and was in pain. Medication and intense physical therapy couldn’t help this handsome boy.

On January 19th 2018 Boston will have cruciate surgery to totally rebuild his knee at NorthStar Animal Hospital. Boston is in a foster home and will stay there for 6-8 weeks to heal and rest. His foster family says he is nothing but a funny, obedient love bug who is loving his foster home and is the perfect house guest.


Joy is a very sweet nine year old Basenji mix who has been in many different homes throughout her life. None of her returns were her fault, an owner with financial problems and another having no time for her. Her recent adopter had her for over 2 years but was moving overseas and could not take her.

Joy was welcomed back to the MCSPCA and began to have some medical issues, shelter stress made them much worse.
Our medical team wouldn’t stop until we found out what was wrong with Joy.
We knew Joy needed a calm foster home to medically improve.
In October Joy hit the foster jackpot with an amazing couple who has helped her heal and best of all showed her how to trust humans again. Today she lives happily in a foster home where she continues to medically improve.


Stella’s journey began 2 years ago when she was rescued along with 2 others dogs from a dog fighting ring in Elizabeth NJ.
Shelter life was tough for Stella but with the help of our amazing staff, volunteers, and her bestie Donna we did our best to keep her sane.

Her foster dad Dan says she is enjoying long walks, sunning herself on the back deck and is adjusting nicely to her new home. She even has a new game: Hide N Seek!


Rocky had a tough start to life.  Found abandoned in a crate in the woods by some hunters, he came to SPCA afraid of just about everything and everyone…except other dogs.   Rocky is almost always braver when he’s with other dogs and after a year in foster care, he’s learned to be much more outgoing with people.  He loves to give enthusiastic kisses and curl up with his family on the couch or in bed


Rocky still has a lot of energy and loves to jump, run and play fetch.  Playing tug with his human and puppy friends is one of his very favorite things.  He’s almost two, but still a puppy at heart.

Thank you for an amazing 2018.

108 dogs were saved through the Loveafoster program thanks to our amazing foster families and your continued generosity ❤

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