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Dale was part of the 276 dogs confiscated from one home in Howell NJ on June 3rd 2016. The rehabilitation of some of the Howell dogs will be a long one, yet they make amazing progress despite the horrific conditions that they lived in.

Here’s what his foster mom says about him:

Dale loves exploring the house and now lays down in the living room if we are in there.   When I go out, he has the run of the house, he will greet me at the door with the rest of the dogs. He hasn’t had any accidents.

He sleeps through the night in his crate with the door opened. He loves being in the yard and follows my dogs around, chases squirrels and loves to run laps.  Dale shows progress every day!

Dale was adopted on January 18th by her foster mom who still calls him a work in progress but refuses to give up.

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