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This beautiful work in progress was adopted by her foster family on October 30th 2017

Adrian did not have the best start in life. Born in a hoarder home, she lived out her first months in filth and squalor, never knowing the love of a human or even seeing the light of day. This was a hard existence that got even worse when Adrian became pregnant before her first birthday! Thanks to the Monmouth SPCA, her eventual rescue meant she could get the medical attention she needed and could care for her puppies in the comfort and safety of a loving foster home. Now that her puppies have been adopted, it is Adrian’s turn to get the happy forever-life she deserves.


Adrian has built strong bonds with the other dogs in her foster home, but she is still working out trust issues with humans (and who could blame her??). However, her fears do not stop her from wagging her tail with joy when her foster parents come home or from snuggling with them at bedtime. It is obvious she wants desperately to get the same hugs and tummy rubs the other dogs do, but she needs more time to build the confidence to allow these things.

A beautiful work in progress!


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