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The Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1945 to care for the community’s homeless, neglected and abused animals.

At the MCSPCA Their Mission is to protect and advocate for all animals. They are dedicated to enforcing animal cruelty laws; providing a safe haven for homeless, abused and abandoned pets while they await adoption; reducing pet over-population through spay/neutering; and cultivating their humane treatment through education and service as a valuable community resource.

A few years ago the dog foster program took off in ways never imagined.  Previously dogs were taken by a volunteer or staff member on an overnight or a few days at a time to alleviate shelter stress and to determine how they are in a home environment. During this time they would report back on housebreaking, separation anxiety, etc.  But in 2015 the MCSPCA behavioral and medical dog foster program was revamped to a six to eight week program due to an influx of dogs entering our open admissions shelter. Following the mission to protect and advocate for all animals it was pertinent that we find temporary homes for these animals in our effort to work on their behaviors, to place dogs in medical foster and to house cruelty cases as they were tied up in the legal system.
One big accomplishment was in June of 2016 when the MCSPCA was called to respond to a home where over 300 dogs were living in beyond horrific conditions. We welcomed 40 of these dogs into our foster care system (many who were pregnant) and are beyond thrilled to share they now live in their loving and forever homes.
To date we have saved hundreds of dogs through our foster care system due to our amazing and selfless foster families who take a chance on the ones that need it the most.
They are truly the bridge between what was and what can be.
We at Loveafoster and the MCSPCA thank all those who have and continue to help support our mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we foster a dog for?
We ask that you provide the dog with a 6-8 weeks foster period. During this time we learn so many insights into the dogs behavior, most that we cannot learn in a shelter environment.
Most of our foster families keep the foster in the home until the dog finds their forever adoptive home
What if we have other pets?

Other pets are perfectly fine if the dog is dog friendly or cat friendly. A meeting at the shelter will determine their compatibility.

We don’t have a fenced in yard is this ok?

This is fine, many fosters do exclusive leash walks and it’s a total success!

Why does a foster need to be home checked and background checked?
A representative will  help determine an area for you to keep your foster when you are not home. In addition we will check your fence for security and answer any questions you may have in person.
A background check is vital to ensuring that our fosters will be safe in your home.
What types of behaviors will we encounter as a foster family?

Many times a dog needs a break from stressful shelter life, is shy or fearful or needs to learn manners to make them more adoptable.

What is provided to us as a foster family?

Everything! Food, bowls, medication (if necessary) beds and blankets. Your foster will be fitted with a secure martingale collar and a harness and leash for walking purposes.

Our Great Team

  • Jill Livingston-Arnold
    Jill Livingston-Arnold Founder/Director
  • Melissa Torres
    Melissa Torres Canine Behavior Manager
  • Katie Leed
    Katie Leed Board Member
  • Kristen Meulener
    Kristen Meulener Board Member
  • Jaime Battaglia
    Jaime Battaglia Board Member


  • Kerri Russo
    Kerri Russo Fundraising Coordinator
  • Stephania Conti
    Stephania Conti Fundraising Coordinator
  • Liz Evanko Buchanan
    Liz Evanko Buchanan Fundraising Coordinator

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Every dollar you donate goes towards providing food, veterinary care, behavioral training and other necessities.

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